I just wanted to reach out and say a giant “THANK YOU” for your recent odor removal from my Jeep.
As discussed with all this rain and the bad design of that roof system on Jeeps, the water was getting in. Once in, it then starts to make the Jeep smell wet/damp, and mildew start. Ugghhh…. Not ever going to sell that car smelling that way. It has been a few weeks now, and it still smells unbelievable and fresh……
And that Honda Fit that was a trade in was the worst smelling car I’ve smelt in my 30 years of buying and selling cars.
A doggy car with cigarette smoke and body odor.  What a bad combination…………… ☹
Every other form of odor removal product that I have tried in the past, only “temporarily” masks the bad smell.
Guess what……. Zero smell after you were finished
Your product ELIMINATES it…………
Thanks again!!!!
Blair Morrison, CWLAuto.com
I have been detailing automobiles for 20 years. I have always found it hard to eliminate bad smells. I’ve used other products that just hide the odor and do not eliminate the odor. So when you did a demo on a vehicle, I was very impressed with how well it worked without leaving a bad chemical smell. After airing out the vehicle for a few hours, the vehicle was ready to go!
I would use and recommend this service again.
Andy Sutton
We used the chemistry used by Pacific Decon to clear two rooms of bed bugs, one was a guest suite, and one was a memory care unit. In both cases, the bed bugs were eradicated, and all signs of the bed bugs were gone. The Memory care unit occupant had been outside of the facility with family members and apparently brought them back to his room. Since treating the room, his bites have healed, and there have been no new bites or blood spots found in his linen. Maintenance reports bed bugs being found during the fogging of the room and the bugs dying almost immediately upon contact with your formula which was used at full strength. The room was fogged while the resident was out with his family. The guest suite was cleared as well while it was not being used. The service allowed our in-house maintenance to clear the rooms on our schedule at a fraction of the cost of bringing in an outside contractor. A side benefit is that the rooms were sanitized and any scents neutralized.
I approached Pacific Decontamination Services because over the winter we had some rats make a nest in the engine in our car. They eventually chewed right through into the interior of our vehicle. The smell was sickening! This is our daily driver and we drive our three young kids around in this vehicle every day. I was very worried about the contamination affecting my family’s health.
Pacific Decontamination Services came out and sprayed my car twice. The second time they really got into the engine block and air ducts of the car.
The result was amazing! After 24 hours the smell of the product was gone and I couldn’t smell the rat urine any longer.
One thing I liked was that their products are eco-friendly and safe to use around my children.
I would recommend Pacific Decontamination Services to people who need to get rid of any bad smells in their car, RV, or home. They really went above and beyond to help out my family when nothing else we had tried was working. Thank you Pacific Decon!
Kyrstin, Nanaimo BC
Pacific Decontamination Services provided their services on two vehicles and a 42 foot fifth wheel. Our two vehicles had significant bacteria and odor issues. From experience, we knew that auto detailing would only mask the smell and not totally eliminate the odor. One of the vehicles, a jeep, was tested for contamination with a scientific instrument and had a contamination reading of 9465 lumens. After Pacific Decontamination Services provided their decontamination service, the odor and bacteria was eliminated and the reading from the testing instrument was 1. The fifth wheel had an odor of a “lived in smell”. Pacific Decontamination Services provided their service and as a result, completely eliminated the odor, along with disinfecting the RV. We are extremely happy with the professional service and results of Pacific Decontamination Services. They removed the bacteria and poor smell of the vehicles.