Residential/Commercial decontamination and cleaning involve a thorough, multi-step program to ensure the surfaces are free of biohazards and safe to use.

Pacific Decontamination Services provides onsite inspection, measurement of biohazards, and cost effective service options to salvage, clean & decontaminate.

  1. Pacific Decontamination Services will provide on-site inspection of the residence, office, or commercial building to determine how to remediate or reduce overall repair costs.Biohazard situations can vary widely, from simple to complex. Some cleanups involve trauma scene, accidents, crime scene, rodent infestation, mold, illicit drug labs, hoarding, sewage leakage, bedbug or maggot infestation, needles and drug paraphernalia, and other types of biohazards.
    Sometimes the cost of cleaning ends up being higher than the value of the items or property. Pacific Decontamination Services will work with the client to determine cost-effective salvage options.

  2. In addition to the detailed inspection, a Pacific Decontamination technician will perform an ATP (adenosine triphosphate) test on affected surfaces to determine the contamination level. This procedure employs a hand-held device and swabs to test the presence of ATP enzymes that are present in all organic matter – living or once living – including blood, saliva, and bacteria. Test results of biohazard contamination levels are instant.

  3. Depending on the severity and location of the biohazards, Pacific Decontamination Services will make recommendations on remediation options.  These options include:
    1. Onsite cleaning and HEPA vacuum of biohazardous material, safe removal and disposal of all biohazardous materials, and complete chemical decontamination of the property that will neutralize up to 99.99999% of all biohazards.
    2. Onsite cleaning, HEPA vacuum of biohazardous materials, safe removal and disposal of all biohazardous materials, complete chemical decontamination of the property that will neutralize up to 99.99999% of all biohazards. Also, recommendations provided for the removal of severely contaminated items (i.e., carpets, furniture, walls, wood, etc.) that are not salvageable.
      With this option, attempts to salvage severe biohazard items are attempted first through the decontamination process. If unsuccessful, Pacific Decontamination Services will consult with the client regarding removal, repair, replacement options and service providers.
    3. Recommendations regarding any further services that might be required after the decontamination services are complete.

  4. Optional, second ATP testing after cleaning and chemical decontamination is available when required.

  5. Certified Residential/Commercial Building Remediation Report provided upon completion of the decontamination service.