One of the first things people do in Victoria, Cowichan, Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum, Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River, and Port Alberni is to try and scrub mold away.  This will cause the mold spores to become airborne. And, when the spores enter your furnace, or air conditioning system, they will be carried throughout your home.

Airborne mold spores are dangerous to your health if released into the air.

Some people pour bleach on the mold or attempt to tear out the affected area on their own.  Bleach is not only hard on the environment but can also cause health issues if one were to breathe in its toxic fumes. And, bleach will only kill mold and the mold spores of the surface that you are treating. Bleach does not penetrate many surfaces and get down to the root level of the mold.

In time, the mold will simply reappear as it was not effectively killed off at the root level.

The challenge with do-it-yourself home mold remediation kits… not having the proper experience or tools to remove the mold.  This can allow the transfer of harmful bacteria to other areas of your home. Especially, when cleaning the air ducts in a home furnance.

Spores that travel through the air can affect the lungs and cause mold growth in other areas that may be moist. This causes an even bigger and more expensive problem.

Also, not having the right protective gear puts you at risk for respiratory issues, skin rashes, and serious headaches. While it can be tempting to try and do it on your own to save money, the mold elimination cost isn’t always as high as one might think.

Pacific Decontamination Services can neutralize mildew and mold up to 99.99999% by applying our eco-friendly, safe chemical into your home, air conditioner, shower, faucets, hot tub, spa, or any other item or location. Depending on the job, we apply our formula by spray, mist, foam, or fog.

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We do not use a tent. The average time of our on-site service is approximately one hour. An additional four hours is required to achieve maximum effectiveness. We ask that you stay out of the premise for approximately 5 hours in total. Read more about how we work.

Pacific Decontamination Services uses the world’s strongest, most effective and safe antimicrobial disinfectant, deodorization and chemical decontaminate. Our professional application will eliminate up to 99.99999% of any allergen, germ, bacteria or fungus that it touches. AND as powerful as it is, it is also completely safe.

What do you do next? How do you solve the challenge of mold, mildew and associated health hazards?

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