We keep office, municipal, and government buildings safe from harmful germs and microorganisms.

About The Invisible Enemy
Bacteria and viruses are stronger than ever. They travel faster, farther, and are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics and traditional disinfection techniques. Much of what once worked to combat these dangerous microbes becomes less effective with every passing day.

The sheer size of many buildings, coupled with limited cleaning resources, has led to an alarming rise in harmful contamination present in our workplace. From Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) to the rapid growth of Community Acquired Infections (CAI’s), building staff may be under increasing pressure to fight these sophisticated threats with limited resources. In a recent Wall Street Journal study, researchers document that viruses are typically transferred from an office’s front door to half of the office in four hours. It turns out that this isn’t an isolated study. If people are getting sick at your place of work, it threatens your productivity and your reputation. We can help you do something about that.

Pacific Decontamination Offers A Practical Solution:
We give business and governments of all kinds access to the world’s most modern decontamination and infection prevention technologies. Treatments in your building target and kill the germs at the root of SBS. We build a shield for you that offers constant protection for you and your employees, and we do so in a way that is verifiable and affordable.